Loopseque Mini Arrives

Loopseque Mini arrived! Here’s what to expect:

Loopseque is an incredibly simple app for creating music. With Loopseque making music is like playing a game. Create beats, switch fast between patterns and arrange compositions. You can access your music instantly and everywhere.


  • Designed for fun and improvisation
  • Attractive for both beginners and professionals
  • Suitable for all ages


  • “Big Wheel” mode for easy pattern creation
  • “Wheel Matrix” mode for fast switch between patterns
  • Master Class. Learn to make music in different styles
  • Tap and Sync for team play
  • Swing option to add motion to the beat
  • Cut, Copy and Paste patterns
  • Load & Save projects


  • At Home: on your own, together with a friend or even with the whole family
  • At a Party: it’s fun in any setting. Amuse your friends, make music together
  • On a Trip: on board of a plane, in a car, or on a train
  • On Stage: improvise during live performances, create new beats on the fly


  • 32-step circle sequencer
  • 4 channels with 9 patterns per channel
  • 17 professionally-designed electonic sample sets
  • 5 sample sets for kids
  • 14 preinstalled basic music compositions


  • * Special “mini” design for best usability on iPhone & iPod Touch
  • * Pixel accurate desing for the exciting Retina Display


  • * iPhone 4 & 3GS: great performance, smooth animations
  • * iPhone 3G: high quality sound, but with limited animations

Loopseque Mini is priced at $1.99.

Loopseque Mini - Casual Underground

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Cue Play DJ Set List Recording

Great news from Cue Play DJ. Verssion 1.6 of their app will include the ability to record your set.

In App Set Recording! You can now record your mixes directly to your iOS device.

Cue Play DJ - Capsulated Software

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Wurlitzer Electric Piano Song Quiz!

Take the PianoStudio Wurlitzer Electric Piano Song Quiz!

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Intermorphic Desktop Deals

Intermorphic have some great deals on their desktop software at the moment. Check out their Xmas deals in the Intermorphic Store.

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The Strange Agency: Fluid Simulation oscilator for the iPhone?

fluid synth prototype from strange agency on Vimeo.

fluid simulation becomes an oscillator. for the iPhone? It’d be nice to see this in iOS.

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Updates from Mutable

A couple of updates from Mutable Instruments, one on shipping of December kits, and the other very short one is about thinking about new exiting things for next year! I wonder what’s cooking?

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Rumours of iPhone 5

I do like reading the Apple rumour mill, especially the iPhone 5 stuff. I thought I’d pass on a few that got me interested.

iPhone radio, fibre optic magsafe and 3D. All of these came from a post at TUAW. The iPhone radio sounds good, especially if you can see local stations too. 3D would be good, but I still struggle to see what it could do for music.

Live TV and miniature pico projects from AppleInsider. Now TV is ok, but mini projectors in an iPhone. That’d be really cool.

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Chrome OS Announcement on the 7th?

I’m still not totally sure if Chrome OS will do anything for mobile music, but even if it doesn’t it’ll be interesting to see what it does bring if it is being announced on the 7th.

Via Mashable.

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Mac App store updates

A few sites have picked up on recent updates from Apple on guidance for developers for the new Mac App store. It sounds like Apple won’t be allowing developers to submit betas and trial apps.

What interests me though is how the mac app store will impact prices, and if we’ll see more iOS to OSX integration as a result of the new store.

Not too long to wait to find out I guess.

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Fantastick intro

This is a fairly old video of Fantastick, but worth posting I thought. Via Synthtopia.

Fantastick - Pink Twins

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