Korg M01 for the DSi. Will you be getting one?

Via Matrixsynth.

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  1. If the DSi could run nanoloop 2… I might be tempted to buy a dsi.

    As is, it's hard to justify buying a dsi when I have jasuto, nanostudio, iseq, thumbjam, nanoloop, and more … to play with on the smaller ipod touch.

    Would love to see a port of this for the iphone though!!

  2. When the DS-1 came out I bought a DS at the same time. I enjoy the program a lot. I don't really want to have to buy a new DSi to run this single program.

    Honestly except for Zelda I don't even enjoy any of the games for the DS so with all the great stuff for the iphone / ipad I will have to pass.

  3. Yes, I'm getting a dsi for christmas for music ( I don't play games).

    It's not just 1 program, ds-10+ greatly expands itfunctionality on dsi, plus this, plus rhythm core alpha which looks good, plus rytmik (sp). It's shaping up to be a decent mobile music platform.

  4. I do like the DSi, and there have been some good deals on it recently in the UK, but 2 things put me off. The first being the 3DS which I'm sure will eventually come to the UK. The 2nd is that several apps like DS-10+ don't allow all their functionality in the UK, which is strange to me.

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