Even more good things coming to Mixtikl

From the Intermorphic Blog:

Some of the key new cool things will be:

  • Cell repeat/range + generative bars/range for each Content Cell (means you have much more control over sequencing of loops/generative content);
  • Improved New Mix menu (making it possible to select which paks you want your content to come from);
  • AirPlay support (meaning on iDevice you can play Mixtikl generative music via decent sound system you may have connected to Apple TV/Airport Express)
  • We hope to include some all new in-app purchaseable generative Tiklpaks for Mixtikl for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (these will be free/included in the Mixtikl desktop update)

Mixtikl Generative Music System & 12 Track Audio MIDI Loop Mixer + Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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  1. The sound engine / effects and sample set are wonderful… I wish they would just write a sequencer!

    Or at least integrate make an ipod port of noatikl…

  2. +1 on the comment above

    I always feel cheesy using it, like I,m cheating. I wish I could set bunch of parameters and then it generated from there, wish sounds like what they might be doing.

  3. Thanks for the comments/interest! We will be working on V3 come the New Year, and we will be working on some extensions that allow editing/tweaking of various rules, and (we hope) synth sound settings and that would allow customised parts – we have been looking forward to getting to that point for ages. We also hope to get in some kind of pattern editing, BUT, we haven't the bandwidth to make Mixtikl a “proppa” sequencer (sorry!). Patterns would be Noatikl-style patterns and so require using that (text-based) pattern format. We might even do a syntax for cell based patterns, as that would allow more advanced “sequencing” of elements. Anyhow, that is the plan, amongst other things. As ever, we are working to extend it as fast as we can!

    BTW: we are thinking of doing a version of Noatikl for iDevice, but there are a few bridges we have to cross there first. :). And, a version of Liptikl, too, when we have a chance…

  4. I really do have a lot of love for this app. And the devs. It was the first generative music app I've ever used and they helped clear up a lot of things for me (and some of those things were really stoopid). And the updates have been constant and have always furthered the app in some way (well the major ones anyway). A lot of other developers would do well to follow their business model, I have gotten them a sale or two through recommendations, never done that with any other app…

    /brown nosing

  5. Noatikl on iOS would be great. I have to say, mixtikl has the coolest dev's by far of any app. Even if those other things don't happen, I will still continue to support intermorphic.

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