Yesterday iRig, today AmpKit LiNK. Another guitar connector for the iOS. I really like my AmpKit and it is not much bigger or more expensive than the iRig. At the end of the day it comes does to personal choice, but for me I thought the sound from the AmpKit.

Anyay, if you’re buying for an iOS owning guitarist than this is really worth a look. Clip to Evernote


  1. All the insignificant crap Apps that you have reported so far and yet there is no mention of NLog PRO update that includes CoreMIDI support for iPad.

  2. NLog disappointed me; all presets sounding too similar, no really interesting sounds, need to pay again now with different versions.

    Anyway, this is about AmpKit. I wonder how it would compare to the new Blue Mikey 2 with line-in? And are there wav files one can download to compare AmpKit, IRig, and others?

  3. I've been really happy with any products I bought from Peavey …. they've been making good stuff for guitarists since the 50's, so I wouldn't hesitate to try this product.

  4. No good results with this yet. When using it with apps that
    can record I can't listen while recording?….
    Very plastic. very short cable and an app included with 2

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