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  1. Looks like the desktop folks are getting into the mobile DJ app world. Looks interesting. At $19.99 though, a little pricey. I've bought enough DJ software already.

  2. Pricey indeed. Although with the library access and what looks like decent waveform and scratch functionality, it might be a contender for one of the better apps. Sonorasaurus Rex is my interface of choice, mainly because it has moved away from the traditional view of the turntable and mixer…that's not to say there's issues with it. Cue.Play.DJ is another app which does a lot of stuff, but doesn't quite nail it convincingly enough for me to brave it out live somewhere with it…also it's not in iPad resolution which is a bit rough.
    I've still got mixed feelings about apps trying to replicate something in the physical domain which does its job very well (eg turntables). I think there's a gap which would be better filled with an app running something like Serato, where you still use a physical mixer and turntables, but use the serato-lite app on the iPad to select tracks, set loops etc – thus removing the need for a laptop (but OK, replacing it with an iPad). Any thoughts from other Djs would be interesting to hear. I wont be giving up my decks just yet though!

  3. Since there's not much to do except freeze in the snow here in the UK, I purchased the app in a moment of curiosity. The iTunes library access is pretty good and does display album art depending on how you want the list rendered…however it does include video files which doesn't make any sense in a DJ app. The waveform and bpm detection seem to be fairly accurate and as you scratch over a point, the waveform zooms in automatically which is quite useful. The crossfader might take some getting used to. You can lift the tonearm to skip through the track, without much precision ( ie difficult to skip to 1minute 20s in a track). Ideally I'd like to see the bpm ID3 tag displayed in the library list and perhaps duration so you have a decent idea of those 2 key bits of info before loading a track to the deck.

    I'm just considering doing the same mix with the same tracks on the different apps to review how they all compare…might even post results online somewhere?!

  4. …I stand corrected, you can see the duration of a track if you choose to display the library in full screen…no bpm info on that screen though. You can also choose not to display the artwork on the label and choose to have a vinyl marker line displayed which might help things too. I really should check the settings first before typing these things!

  5. I have both sonorasaurus Rex and Djay which i bought about 2 hrs ago. Im liking Djay for the ease of mixing (im not talking about beatmatching) Just the way you can cue quickly. also the waveform is available much quicker than sonorasaurus. I have to Djay does reming me alot of virtual dj which isnt a bad thing. Would probably only use it at parties or to make a quick mix. Not in a club situation.

  6. Crashes way too much on the first version for live use. May need a couple of updates before considering any use beyond a house party with patient friends.

    Great start though.

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