I guess that if you do have more than 1 iPad this could be what you’re looking for?

The AC-7 Core XT is an 8 fader extension module for use with our AC-7 Core DAW control surface app.

It connects wirelessly to your recording/mixing software via wifi CoreMIDI.

Using multiple iPads, it’s now possible to control 16, 24 or 32 tracks simultaneously.

For example:
Run the AC-7 Core app on the first iPad… This will give you 8 + 1 faders and all the controls you need. Run this AC-7 Core XT app on the other iPads…

The faders in this extension app are longer and more widely spaced, so more precise control is possible.

Of course, each track has a scribble strip, level meter, pan display, record arm, solo, mute and select button.

AC-7 Core XT - Saitara Software

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