Molten to get AudioCopy soon

Great news if you’ve bought Molten already, or if you’re thinking about it. This comment came from the developer:

The next update will have AudioCopy and Paste. You’ll be able to copy out the full pattern and paste audio into the individual oscillators.

There’s something to look forward to.

Molten Drum Machine - One Red Dog Media

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djay for iPad – The full-fledged iPad DJ app by algoriddim

djay - algoriddim

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Buddha Machine is currently free

Buddha Machine is currently free. Take a look.

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MIDI Touch update

A small update for MIDI Touch increasing speed and fixing bugs, but it is still very expensive though at $17.99.

MIDI Touch - Domestic Cat

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Sir Sampleton arrives

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All the Sprak codes have gone out

Meant to mention this earlier, but all the codes went out this morning. Sorry if you didn’t get one, the comp was oversubscribed as ever. Thanks very much to Johan Larsby the developer for giving the codes.

I’m sure we’ll have another give away soon.

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BeatSequencer reappears …

I had loads of trouble with this when it first came out (and when it was far more expensive too), so if you do try it then be careful.

This ‘new’ version which looks remarkably like the old (and almost completely useless) version of BeatSequencer.

I’m interested to note this statement in the app’s description VERY STABLE SEQUENCER ENGINE. That must be new as the previous sequencer could not be described that way.

Anyway, I won’t be trying this app again and certainly won’t pay for it a 2nd time as the developer never came back to answer my issues with the app.

If you do try it out then please let me know how you get on.

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AC-7 Core XT Arrives

I guess that if you do have more than 1 iPad this could be what you’re looking for?

The AC-7 Core XT is an 8 fader extension module for use with our AC-7 Core DAW control surface app.

It connects wirelessly to your recording/mixing software via wifi CoreMIDI.

Using multiple iPads, it’s now possible to control 16, 24 or 32 tracks simultaneously.

For example:
Run the AC-7 Core app on the first iPad… This will give you 8 + 1 faders and all the controls you need. Run this AC-7 Core XT app on the other iPads…

The faders in this extension app are longer and more widely spaced, so more precise control is possible.

Of course, each track has a scribble strip, level meter, pan display, record arm, solo, mute and select button.

AC-7 Core XT - Saitara Software

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CDM on Brian’s Soundmakers

I’ve featured a lot of these videos over the last few weeks and it is nice to see CDM give Brian a good feature. Clip to Evernote

Korg M01

I don’t know what he’s talking about, but it is great to see all those Korg M01 units in their packaging. Clip to Evernote

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