Let’s face it. The iPad has been a massive hit for mobile music. The iPad has brought us some amazing new apps.

I think that anyone who loves mobile music would love finding one in their Christmas stocking.

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. Well then could you tell us what you think are the 5 most amazing apps for musicians ? (i know there are lists in here but i would like your definit advice-for now).

    Brian Stevens

  2. As nice as the ipad is, if I had 650$ to put on a music system for anyone I'd still buy a computer (laptop or desktop) with a good cheap MIDI keyboard and a MPC like controller.

    Yes, you can get all that for less than the price of one ipad.

  3. Brian, I've been thinking about your comment and I think it is a good idea although I know I'll get lots of people disagreeing with me over it.

    Stay tuned, it will happen before Christmas.

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