Big update for the SoundCloud App

SoundCloud is a great service for sharing music whether it’s directly from an app or from the web.

Now you can record with the SoundCloud iPhone app and if that wasn’t enough it is also FREE!

SoundCloud - SoundCloud Ltd. Clip to Evernote

Sprak Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

The Sprak Promo Code Giveaway has now closed. Codes will be going out in the next few hours. Thanks to eveyone who entered and emailed the right answer.

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Draw Your Sketch – Scratch For Arduino

Watch live streaming video from scratchcitilab at

Write your Arduino sketches is a visual language! Excellent stuff. Clip to Evernote

NanoComp, 2 weeks left

Remember, you’ve get until the 15th to get your music into the NanoComp. Check out the tracks already entered into the competition here.

If you don’t know NanoStudio as yet then you really should take a look at one of the best music making apps for the iPhone.

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Comunity Tables at Reactable

I didn’t know you could download these tables for Reactable mobile. Clip to Evernote

Tell CDM what’s on your music wish list

CDM wants to know what musical gear you want for Christmas. Clip to Evernote

What is this?

I have no idea what this app from Yamaha Corp is all about but it only seems to be available in the Japanese store.

Anyone know what it is or does?

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Arduino Nano 3 in the Maker Shed

Perfect for your next Arduino music project.

Via Maker Shed. Clip to Evernote

Mikey 2.0 available

Blue Mikey is now available for around $79. Mikey’s features:

  • CD-quality audio recording direct to iPod
  • Includes free Blue FiRe recording app
  • Compact design for superior audio recording
  • 7 Angle adjustments for any environment
  • 3 Gain settings to capture the clearest stereo sound
  • Design allows for superior audio recording
  • Ideal for lecture recording, concerts, voice memos, dictation, field recording, interviews, and travel journals
  • Works with iPod Touch 1G, 2G, 3G; iPod Nano 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G; iPod Classic; iPod 5G
  • Can be used with iPhone versions 3GS and earlier
  • Compatible with most protective cases Clip to Evernote

Turn your Nook into a cheap Android Tablet

Lifehacker shows you how. Clip to Evernote

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