NLogSynth Pro now with CoreMIDI!

Excellent news this morning. NLogSynth Pro has been updated and has CoreMIDI support via the camera connection kit.

NLogSynth PRO - tempo rubato

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5 responses to “NLogSynth Pro now with CoreMIDI!”

  1. Beat says :

    Can't forget about the midi in/out for the line 6 midi mobilizer. Yippie!


  2. jrlennon says :

    Perhaps you should start compiling and maintaining a list of apps that have CoreMIDI support via the connection kit, with a permanent sidebar link.


  3. velocipede says :

    Yeah, a core midi list would be great.


  4. Palm-Sounds says :

    You're right, I should do that list. I'll see what I can come up with.


  5. velocipede says :

    That would be great!


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