Update on that NanoComp issue

You might have seen lots of comments on this post about a track entered for NanoComp. There were arguments on both sides, but on balance I think I shouldn’t post any more links to tracks entered in the competition until it is over.

Hopefully that’ll sort things out.

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  1. Sorry for the drama Palmsounds. I didn't realize you were a judge otherwise I wouldn't have emailed you about the video.

  2. Formal, why aren't you emailing PalmSounds privately? Why are you still posting in public? This is wrong. I think you should bow out from the competition, for the sake of all the other entrants. 🙁

  3. Wha? That's a ridiculous request Tom. Although this entire subject is kind of ridiculous and petty.

    Fact is Formal made a cool beat and a nice video that I enjoyed…seeing more entries like that would have been awesome and motivational.

    Besides, he's clearly stating (publicly) that he wasn't in the know about Palmsound's involvement in the contest… (so dudes like you can kill the conspiracy theory crap)

  4. I agree with Burg, Tom's request is ridiculous.

    Formal, great track and video. I'm happy that PalmSounds posted the video, or I would have probably not found it and had a chance to view it.

    As a judge, featuring selected individuals works could be a conflict of interests, but in all reality, people have to still go to the contest and choose who to vote for.

    As a contestant, I agree that future posts that highlight specific songs by individual contestants is not really fair to the others, but as a mobile music lover it kinda sucks, because its really hard to wade through the large amount of submissions and find the great tracks.

    PalmSounds, keep up the great work, raising mobile music awareness and highlighting the great work of all the great artists out there.

    Formal, good luck, keep making good music, and videos to inspire all of us.


  5. …. Tom are you serious? Stop creating drama and create music! Nobody is forcing people to vote for Formal, if his track is good enough people will vote for it, simple as that. I've been watching the top 10 spots on the contest for 2 weeks now and the positions haven't really changed much. Posting the video hasn't yielded Formal any extra votes unless you count compliments as votes.

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