I like noise apps! Here’s a great new one.

Sprak is a noise app, noise as in crackles and phat distorted drones.
Sprak is an instrument for people who loves to experiment with noise.
Sprak was born out of a need to play with evolving noisy noise while riding the train.

You could also make sounds that sound a bit like hypnotoad.

Still not decided if you should shell out .99cents for this most awesomely awesome glitched out noised curcuitbentish app? check out the soundexamples over at http://www.tinkerteam.se/?page_id=87

Sprak - Tinker Team

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  1. Bought it right away. Wonderful one-trick pony. Will possibly be used in my next noise live-set (iPod Touch, Milestone, RC-2 and a lot of pedal FX) on 10th of december at Klirrbar/OF/D.


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