Nice AmpKit LiNK demo via iPad Creative. Clip to Evernote


  1. i dont really feel to strong about mobile guitar apps, the only the guitarjack is the only good guitar adapter for the iphone because it goes trough the dock, so its better sound quality, but its 200 bucks… and didgital amps don't compare to the real thing…

  2. This is one of the best ios guitar demos I seen so far. I like the design of the ampkit.

    And I agree 30 pin rules for recording, but if your just mucking around and going live, it should work.

  3. @swalker133

    “and didgital amps don't compare to the real thing…”

    All friends said the same thing, but they all failed at identifying the real amps from the virtual amps on recordings (using various plugins including Amplitube3 in a 24-bit environment).

    But I agree about using the pin and the price,.. especially because you can buy a pretty potent multi-effect for the same price.

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