iSequence HD update

Even more goodness comes to iSequence HD.

  • Distortion effect
  • Live looper effect
  • Sonoma audio copy/paste
  • Sample preview in samples browser
  • Instrument glissando time
  • Mixer: multiple solos enabled
  • Minor bugs fixed and interface improvements

iSequence for iPad - BeepStreet

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


  1. Hadn't used this in a while, opened it up last nite and forgot I made a dope beat on it. lol. I got to compile all my iPad Beats from like 10 different apps to my computer. I must got like 75+ Tracks on my Pad within various apps.

    Gotta make more music with this one.

  2. i dont understand why the korg stuff sells like cracy,
    isequence is is only app where i get things done.

  3. please put these features in the ipod touch/iphone version … or at least make available a “pro” ipod touch/iphone version with these features

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