It is only fair to say that I haven’t had long to play with this drum machine so far, but my 1st impressions of it are really good. Two things have struck me so far, one is the sounds, which seem really flexible and good for making interesting glitchy drums, and the second is the sequencing which is great.

When I’ve given it a proper run through I’ll post something more.

Molten is priced at $9.99.
Molten Drum Machine - One Red Dog Media

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  1. Just a bit of critique: I noticed a lot of your posts say something to the effect of you didn't have a lot of time to play around, but your first impressions are ____. my advice is to just leave that out. It's ok to just call an app pretty good or unusuble even if you didn't play it long.

    Obviously that will all depend on if you actually intend to go back and review the app. I take it a lot of them you will just leave be

  2. I take your point. Sometimes I don't go back.

    With this app that's not the case. I've actually been thinking about it quite a lot today.

    I think that Molten drum is a really interesting idea in drum machines.

    I will come back to this one. Probably in a few days.

    However, I think you're right about my '1st impressions' posts and I appreciate that. I think I might change the way I do things a little.

  3. Ok great. I tried to word this carefully because I know you work hard on getting all these apps up quickly and you want to make sure we know it's not a full review

  4. I am really wrapping myself around this app. I've imported a bunch of my own sounds and really getting into it! I especially appreciate that I can bounce down a pattern I create into a single .wav file and then use it in other apps. There's a lot of good to be said about this app and so far I can't find much of anything negative to say …. seems well worth the $10 bucks.

  5. OK, thanks to all who have reviewed. I am still considering purchasing this one. But there are many other pattern drum apps out there!

    An open question: if you had to pick your favorite pattern-based drum machine app(s), which would it be and why? Which one has the best performance/features for the price? Is Molten in the running for one to pick up?

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