Here’s a different looking drum app for the iPad. Here’s the description of Molten:

Molten is a powerful and intuitive tool for creating percussive sounds and rhythm sequences for the iPad.

Using a revolutionary approach to grid based pattern sequencing that divides time to instantly add tuplets and fills to your drum programming.

Built on a versatile synthesizer that allows you to play and process your own sound samples. The kits can be mangled, filtered and crushed using the multi-touch interface.

Load and store your patterns and share them with your friends. Export to a standard MIDI file and import into a professional digital audio workstation.

Connect to your Mac with CoreMIDI networking over Wi-Fi or USB with the Camera Connection Kit and transmit the sequence in real-time to your hardware.

Unleash the potential of your beats on the iPad.


  • Easily and quickly create rhythms with complex time signatures
  • Intuitively divide a note into tuplets
  • Sample based synthesis with user loadable samples
  • Each pattern has 8 instrument tracks
  • Global master effects processor including delay, reverb, EQ and compressor
  • Share your pattern compositions as audio or MIDI files or transfer patterns between Molten users


  • Molten cannot be used with iPhone and iPod touch
  • USB MIDI requires the iPad Camera Connection Kit and a compatible USB MIDI interface, e.g. M-Audio Uno 1-in/1-out or ESI Midimate II

Molten is priced at $9.99.

Molten Drum Machine - One Red Dog Media

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