MIDI Touch is the ultimate MIDI controller – it allows you to create your own custom controllers by placing knobs, sliders and other controls onto the screen wherever you want.

Send MIDI over Wi-Fi with latency as low as 2-5ms, and now with iOS 4.2 you can connect compatible MIDI hardware devices directly to iPad for near-zero latency using the Camera Connection Kit.


  • Design & save your own MIDI controllers by dragging and dropping sliders, buttons and more where you want them to create personalised control surfaces
  • Native MIDI Device support – connect compatible devices via the Camera Connection Kit and your iPad becomes a proper MIDI control surface with almost zero latency
  • Excellent performance – measured latency over WiFi to a Mac: 2-5ms, over Camera Connection Kit: 1-2ms
  • Send messages over Wi-Fi with easy setup (Windows: requires the free software driver rtpMIDI (http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/rtpMIDI_configuration.html), alternatively use DSMI Server for Mac, Windows or Linux, also free)
  • Several different control types – Add sliders, knobs, buttons (momentary or latched), drum-pads, X-Y controllers, transport controls and preset-jump buttons
  • Easily change the settings of each control – CC number, note number, minimum & maximum range, size & label
  • Standard & neon control themes to skin controls
  • Multi touch – control multiple knobs/sliders etc at once
  • In-app brightness control allows dimming of the screen to very low levels for performance
  • Full screen mode to reduce distractions
  • Controls snap to each other to help create aligned layouts
  • More to come!

But it isn’t cheap at $17.99

MIDI Touch - Domestic Cat

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