MIDI Monitor for iPad (free)

Test & monitor MIDI hardware with iOSMidi.com’s MIDI Monitor.

Did you know the iPad now supports MIDI hardware interfaces via the Camera Connection Kit? Simply plug in a compatible MIDI device with a power supply and send and receive messages using your iPad & MIDI Monitor.


  • Simple operation – simply plug in your MIDI Device via the Camera Connection Kit and start testing – all messages received display on the log.
  • Test your MIDI Devices to see if they are compatible with iPad
  • Test MIDI Out with your iPad – thanks to the built in controls & keyboard you can send MIDI messages from your iPad to your connected MIDI Device.
  • Use MIDI Monitor as a basic controller
  • Controls update to reflect MIDI Messages received
  • Handy for device diagnosis
MIDI Monitor - Domestic Cat

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4 thoughts on “MIDI Monitor for iPad (free)”

  1. This should be a nice app to have around, especially for free. I have used the same-named application “MIDI Monitor” by Snoize (also free) for years on my MacBook, and it really comes in handy for diagnosis and troubleshooting. Hope this is as useful.


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