Akai Lpk25 with iPad and Yonac Mini Synth Pro!

Well, looks like I need to get myself a Camera Connection Kit! Nice video Hank!

miniSynth PRO - Yonac

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. thank ya!

    i've actually be having issues with mini synth pro. it makes audio pops and glitches when switching through menus- which i can deal with. but it also crashes randomly and notes will get stuck and i'll have to close the app down. maybe it's because the controller? i'm not sure i need to do some more testing without it

  2. Hi Hank-

    We noticed dropped note messages with the Akai LPK25… in developing the thing, we listen to all the MIDI messages sent in, and sometimes a packet would fail to be sent to the iPad. Best two guesses are: 1) It's a driver issue with some controllers (others like the M Audio controllers don't seem to have any problems) or 2) It's a power issue for some bus-powered controllers that cause iPad to drop messages when there's a “surge”.

    There's soon going to be an explicit Panic button put in the UI. Meanwhile, there's a “secret” panic button functionality integrated into the “Mono / Poly” switch in the Oscillators screen. Toggling this will clear all the notes.


  3. Just found out that the iPad coreMIDI supports the M-Audio UNO 1×1, that has din in and din out! iPad to MPC/Hardware is Possible without MidiMobilizer!
    CoreMidi is the Truth.

    After I made my post yesterday I was like what if? When I first got my CCK that (M-Audio) was the first thing I plugged in back in MAY. Lol
    I also thought about this LPK and Korg Nano Key yesterday and was thinking those should work without a power supply. Glad to see it working! Great demo.

    You know I been owned MiniSynth pro since it came out and all Yonacs other apps. So I was always a big fan.
    Thanks for doing these great demos. It saves us a lot oftime on trial and error.

    @PalmSounds. -You didn't have a CCK all this time? No wonder you aren't crazy about iFile. This is the main reason why i'm waiting to upgrade. Moving my (files) samples in and out through the CCK is a must! Go get that thing!

    Glad I didn't buy that Akai Synthstation, because that money will go towards my second iPad Today! Yeah!

  4. I'm getting glitches even when simply playing using the keys.

    I cannot get MiniSynth Pro to understand the CCs lpd8 is sending. The power thing is true to some extent, if I turn on more then 4 lit pads, it complains 🙂

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