Sample Lab for iPad Arrives

I posted a video of this app a few days ago and here it is. This is what you can expect for your $7.99:

Sample Lab is a full-featured sampler/sequencer made exclusively for iPad. With a professional set of features packed into a simple, multi-touch interface you can skip the learning curve and start making tracks within minutes.

  • Pinch-zoom precision sample editor lets you select your audio and drag it right onto a track.
  • 8 stereo tracks @ 44.1kHz with per-beat volume control.
  • Pitch-shifting preserves time and gives you 2 full octaves from one sample; without chipmunking.
  • Record your own samples, or import wav & mp3 files using iTunes.
  • Copy/Pasteboard support for sharing audio with other apps.
  • Trigger pads for tapping-in patterns or stand-alone performance.
  • 4 real-time DSP FX: compressor, bit crusher, resonant cutoff, and phaser.
  • Multi-touch sequencer lets you build a composition with ease.
  • Shuffle control for natural-sounding syncopation.
  • More than 100 samples included to get you started.

Sample Lab was made to fit into your live set. You can:

  • Trigger samples or tap un-mute for percussive slam fading
  • Slice up a beat
  • Load a different composition or sample kit
  • Control 8 FX parameters at once with X/Y axis controls
  • Record and drop-in layers of beatbox or harmonizing vocals

…all without stopping the music.

If you’ve used it let me know what you think.

Sample Lab - fotoh LLC

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