Playstation Phone in Feb?

More rumours about this alleged device which doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me, nor the writer of this post at MobileCrunch.

I just don’t get why they’d make a phone out of the PSP/PSPGo and run Android on it. The PSP had the potential to be a really interesting mobile music platform, but I think that it lost so much ground to iOS and Android that it will have an immense job to catch up.

Personally I like the idea of multiple platforms, which is why I post stuff about these devices. I don’t think it is good to have a market completely dominated by one OS.

Although for mobile music, that’s pretty much what we have. Clip to Evernote


5 thoughts on “Playstation Phone in Feb?”

  1. Been making Mobile Music on my 1st gen PSP Fat with JB Apps and Playstation one Music games for a while now. Yep, you could run PS1 games on the Older PSP's like MTV Music Generator.
    PSP Phone would allow you to game online over GSM/CDMA. And hopefully you can run android music apps and it will be easier to JB.


  2. Have you tried out pspseq or rhythm8? Also there is beaterator too which are all native psp apps. I gave up trying to use my psp for music and just play little big planet and lumines now 😛 I am friends with the mighty HS who constantly reminds me how awesome PSPseq is, I might give it another go one of these days. PSP phone… too little to late IMO.


  3. I think that 'too little too late' is true of a lot of manufacturers now. The nature of the mobile space has changed and a lot of the traditional gaming and console are out of date.

    I actually think what Microsoft's XBox ecosystem has done with Windows Phone 7 is clever in bringing things together, and that's what I think others are trying.


  4. @formal Yes, all those apps you mentioned run smooth on my PSP. Rhythm8 is my favorite! I must do a vid on it real soon to show people how awesome the PSP was before the GO.


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