Good results from Musique Non Talent with iOS4.2 and very useful to know about which apps are happy working with audio.

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  1. i kind of really do not care what how cool it is to have new ios on ipad, and why should you, isn't it about making music with mobile devices, this blog? ipad is huge, expensive and ugly(not relevant but still, it is ugly))

    but what i would like to know if it is possible to use coreAudio or coreMIDI frameworks on ipod touch, which is, in my opinion, perfect candidate for mobile music making device, small, cheap, thin, powerful(yes, last generation has better specs then ipad)

    Probably Apple didn't implement these features into ios 4.2 version for ipod touch, to force musicians buy ipads…

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this great blog! My new morning ritual when I get to work 🙂

    The article mentioned amp sims working well with CCK but can you tell me the most common or best USB / Gutair connection that will work well with the CCK?

    If there's less noise with CCK, may be worth getting.

  3. As author of the original article i'll add a bit about my guitar experiments. As well as using the UMA25s with psu power as an audio I/o I have retested my Alesis Guitarlink USB cable with iOS 4.2 and it seems to now route the audio out via the iPad's headphone socket whereas under 3.2 it routed it back to the Guitarlink which, although it contains a full I/o chip, has no audio outputs!

    The sound quality is excellent from the Alesis but slightly (very) more noisy than the UMA25S. However compared to my iRig adapter it is miles better!

    Amplitube doesn't seem to work with USB audio though, and neither does iShred Live, but Stompbox and Ampkit work just great.

    Interestingly whilst Polytune works fine with the UMA25S it does not like the Alesis at all. My other tuners all worked fine with both.

    I was interested in the Behringer USB guitar link (as it has input and output) but I am not sure it is class compliant. There are loads of cheap clones of that on eBay, but who knows what they are like!

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