MiniSynth PRO with MIDI has arrived!

miniSynth PRO - Yonac

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  1. My iPad still got the launch date OS. I'm on the fence about updating because USB midi is pretty much useless to me. I rather use my MBP or G5 with vst's and my iPad with touchOSC for the tweaks.

    Are you still making “Mobile Music” when you got to plug keyboards with PSU's in walls for the extra power needed?

    My Midi Mobilizer and my MPC 500 or BassStation Keyboard enables me to use midi and still keeps me “Mobile”. (No AC Adapter needed) iConnect midi and MM is a better solution for my needs, for using iPad in the studio (I need DIN connecters).

    The only other app I want is that new DJ app and thats on 4.2. I'm also thinking about getting another iPad for recording (multitrack). 2 iPads and my iPhone 4 might be my new mobile setup for 2011 being that Nanostudio will be iPad ready! Been thinking about this setup for a while and might go grab the other one this weekend.
    Still might end up with 4.2 on the new one, but with duals it's ok and I won't have to JB the new one.

    Just stick 2 iPads in a bag with CCK, USB Audio interface and iPhone 4 in my pocket, Transform and roll out!

    Just TOL, LOL!

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