Making Music in the Cloud

I found this link in the comments and thought it should be brought out so people could take a look.

I do think that there is something in cloud based music production, although my own view is that they should be looking more toward utilising mobile devices or even mobile specific browsers.

Just my view though. Clip to Evernote


  1. It's interesting, I can totally see making music in the cloud when it's about collaboration between distant artists/performers. I'm not so sure about mobile devices though, I've messed with Uloops on my HTC desire and it is excellent in many ways and very well designed. However I found that I would have to be near a WIFI network to allow me to use larger amounts of bandwidth as my “unlimited” data allowance would get eaten upto it's fair use policy really quickly if working with good quality audio.

    Just my thoughts….I should probably stick to soldering anyway 😉

  2. @concretedog

    I'd agree that mobile/cloud apps need to have an architecture that uses as little data transmission as possible – same goes for cloud based solutions being used on laptops and netbooks.

    I'm pretty confident that this can and will be achieved in the near future however, especially if there is a high demand for these solutions.

    With regards to Wifi I'd say that its increasingly common to find this when out and about rather than just at home – with mobile devices this means being able to work on tracks in your favorite bar or Cafe for instance.

  3. already find battery running fast on my ipod touch nevermind adding wifi on top when trying to make music on the go!

    tried uloops on android – hated it;

    no clouds for me i'm afraid! though i can see it getting more popular for certain stuff with certain people 🙂

    thanks for article, thought provoking


  4. Yeah battery power is a major issue with mobile devices – my HTC Desire rarely makes it through the day on a full charge.

    I hope they sort this out soon.

  5. @ Ed Audio Silver

    I live in the mountains of North Wales UK…we barely have cafe's let alone wifi 🙂 But I take your point sir.

    And my Desire eats its battery on a daily basis too!

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