If you hadn’t heard already

It seems that iOS4.2 is finally with us. I haven’t had a chance to check it out and upgrade my iPad as yet, but I expect I’ll be doing that a bit later.

If anyone’s got any thoughts on it as yet then please let me know.

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  1. Well, it makes using your iPad more fun, especially if you're used to 4.1 on an iPhone or iPod Touch. NLog with midi is just so, so, so amazing. If my iPad could only run one app, it would be NLog.

    Thus far the iPad loves my Behringer UMA25s as a midi controller, but only lets the audio interface part of it work if I plug it into the mains (that's even running it on batteries).

    No joy at all with my Novation Remotes – the dreaded “Not enough power” message whether on new batteries or even supplemented with a powered USB hub and splitter. Going to dig out a mains adapter for it and try that.

  2. I'm hoping that I can trigger my Blofeld via MIDI from the iPad…not really bothered which app I'll use to do it though. Also looking forward to the Sonorasaurus Rex update (now iOS 4.2 is out) which will allow iTunes access. I'll have to wait for a while though as the update appears to be taking *forever*!

  3. Yeah, just tried both my Remote 25 and Remote 49 with a PSU, both fail to work due to requiring too much power. Not sure why it requires power from the iPad but there you go. I get the feeling the power use detection is a little over-protective.

    Amusingly my Alesis guitarlink USB cable works to get sound into the iPad but since it is recognised as a USB audio device it takes over audio out duties too – which means no sound as it is only an input cable!

  4. @swalker133

    I'll let you know when itunes finally downloads the update! about 2 hours and counting so far…

    That's the only thing I'm really curious about.

  5. …actually downloading wasn't the worst…it was the length of time (and amount of space on my C drive) taken for the backup prior to software update. I read somewhere that it has been fixed (or at least improved in iOS4.2).

  6. @ robman84… Are you saying that the behringer uma25s will act as midi and audio interface allowing me to record into any app, as audio! If so that really ups the game as far as the iPad and music is concerned.. And I want one!

  7. @Anonymous

    Yes, if I power the UMA25S from the mains it works as both MIDI over USB and a USB Audio in/out. I can't say for sure if it works with every app (only tested a couple so far), but, for example, it works with NLog and also works with Stompbox. I can plug my guitar into the input of the UMA25S and Stompbox picks it up beautifully and routes the audio output back to the UMA25S's audio output.

    It's a shame the UMA25S's keyboard is, um, not great, because it is a fabulous device other than that.

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