Anyone used Rytmik as yet?

I haven’t heard much stuff about Rytmik since it first came out. Did anyone get it and want to comment in what you think of it. Clip to Evernote


  1. I don't have the new Rock edition of Rytmik since last time I checked it still wasn't released in the US . . . But I do have the first version and it's one of my favorite music creation apps . . . In fact it was the main reason I got the DSi since I already had the DS. It's very easy to use so I can be more creative, the included sounds are excellent and there's a great choice. It's also really fun and I really like working with a stylus. I use the headphone out on the DSi with a mini plug to R/ L phono plug cable into a Behringer mixer to upload my creations into Audacity for the best quality.
    Because I'm a hobbyist musician, I probably get the most enjoyment out of the Rytmik app then my iPad apps only because I haven't grasped how to use them to their fullest potential but it's all fun and it's all creative and that's all that matters 🙂


  2. Like Marlene said, I also have the original version of Rytmik as the Rock version has not been released in the US yet. It looks like a tracker but really works more along the lines of a grid-based sequencer. The sounds are wonderful, though there aren't any ways to create your own. What is supplied with the app sounds great though. There are a ton of options and the interface works very well, once you come to grips with it.

    I really like and find myself using the DSi XL quite a lot for music compositions on the go (unless my daughter has it in her hands to play Mario).


  3. I have the Rock edition on my son's DSi. I haven't had much chance to play with it but what I did see was pretty cool. Shame it can't somehow make it over onto my DS Lite. I also bought that accoustic guitar sim too. Miles better than Jam Sessions on the DS but again, not able to put it onto my DS Lite.


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