Will the Lemur become an app?

I posted a link to a story at CDM a little while ago about the end of the Lemur. I was thinking about this and one of the comments on that post asking if they would turn their controller into an app.

I thought that was a really good question actually, but given the number of controller apps around like touchAble, TouchOSC and the like, do you think there’s room for another controller?

What do you think?

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  1. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. The price has always been the object of contention with Lemur. I'd love to play with grain cube and some of the more creative controls.

    It would be especially useful if it added DSMidiWifi in addition to its usual OSC control; something TouchOSC is missing in my opinion.


  2. I like the lemur interface design, however I would like to see something developed that would achieve some of what it does without the need for linking up to a machine with Ableton….mainly because I don't have a machine with Ableton! I'm guessing this is way out of the reach for the iPad spec, but perhaps just some of those lemur-type features and functions could be developed as individual apps?


  3. Is there room for the best touch controller ever made, yes I think there is.

    Even if its priced high, there would be a lot of interest for this app since a Lemur used to cost over 1500$.


  4. What things did the Lemur really offer that apps like TouchOSC and Fantastik don't offer? Isn't it mostly physics models like bouncing balls and other inertial things? I would guess that those sort of things would end up in TouchOSC and Fantastik before the Lemur code gets ported to iOS. Plus, the Lemur editor is still sort of buggy isn't it?


  5. Never mind, I just checked the lemur forum. It looks like they left their users high and dry; buggy software and bs line about proprietary dev stopping them from opening the api so their users could fix it.

    Fuck them.


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