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TouchAble moves up to 1.1

A very big update from TouchAble. Here are the details:

New Features:


  • We enabled multitasking (needs iOS 4.2)
  • We added a “Disable Sleep” option
  • Changeable track width: show 8/4/2 tracks at once – Great for Live-performances!
  • Changeable clip height: normal size & double size
  • If you decide to show 4 or 2 tracks instead of 8 the mixer-view will automatically show more parameters at once.
  • 2 tracks-mode will show volume, send A+B and another parameter of your choice per track.
  • We added “momentary solo/cue buttons”: a short tap on solo/cue will toggle it on / off, a long tap will toggle on when you begin the touch and toggle off when you lift your finger
  • We added optional “relative faders”: Instead of jumping to your fingers position the faders will only move the amount that your finger moved before.


  • Dedicated stop button
  • Dedicated record button
  • Tempo Control: Drag with your Finger over the BPM counter to increase / decrease the tempo. To change it faster start on the left side, to do it slower drag on the right side.
  • Current song position display


Communication between touchAble and Live

  • We optimized the way touchAble connects to Live – the connection is now even more reliable, stable and faster.
  • We changed the process of communication between touchAble and Live: Loading & reloading clips is now 10x faster!
  • touchAble will automatically be synced and stay updated if you load a new set
  • If you delete / add tracks the set will be updated in the background, no annoying wait-times anymore 😉
  • Server App autodefaults to touchAble 1 for iPad 1 & touchAble 2 for iPad 2. On Windows it will default do MIDI Yoke 1 & 2.

Graphic User Interface

  • Inertia Scrolling in all Live-related modules (Clips, Mixer, Devices)
  • Trigger, recording & stopping animations on clips.
  • Moving one view from top to bottom or the other way around will no longer leave the old half empty. The views will switch.
  • Lots of design-changes throughout the app. New menu-bar, mixer, clips, cross and more
  • eq8: added highlight to currently selected dot


  • Fixed: Clips now show playstatus after new load / reload
  • Fixed: clips without names now don’t show the name of the clip processed before
  • Fixed: a scene without a name doesn’t use the name of the scene processed before anymore
  • Fixed: an issue that rendered the bottom left corner unresponsive
  • Fixed unreadable text on white clips.

touchAble - AppBC

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2 comments on “Using MOOG FILTATRON with a Modular Synth”

Using MOOG FILTATRON with a Modular Synth

Filtatron - Moog Music Inc.

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Ocarina update

I found this update quite interesting because I didn’t know about the mic on the 4th gen iPod Touch. Here’s what the app update says:

Touch 4 users: The Touch 4 mic is the tiny hole located next to your camera. Due to its location, the mic is not able to pick up your breath if you do not directly blow into it, it’s very different than recording your voice. So the app rotates to the most optimal playing position with correct fingerings so that you can have the best results when blowing into your mic.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone with a 4G Touch on what they think of the mic input on the device.

Ocarina - Smule

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Groovemaker for iPad apps on sale

Electro, Techno and Trance iPad apps from IK Multimedia are on sale with the price down from $9.99 to $4.99.

IK Multimedia

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Mixtikl update

Another good update for Mixtikl. New in

  • Fixed web-based-playback of partikl / noatikl files
  • Implemented import via clipboard for partikl / noatikl files
  • Fixed crash in tone generator from some content
  • Menu > More > User Tweeted mixtikls now links to webpage of links
  • Version number displayed on splash screen
  • The right screen app icon
  • Check Mic recording (still) works!

Mixtikl Generative Music System & 12 Track Audio MIDI Loop Mixer + Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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4 comments on “Korg iMS-20 on iPad: "Up And Running"”

Korg iMS-20 on iPad: "Up And Running"


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7 comments on “SongCatcher is free”

SongCatcher is free

I know that there’s been a bit of controversy over SongCatcher but it is free today, so why not grab a copy while you can.

SongCatcher - John Vella Music

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Beat destructor – demo no effects

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2 comments on “Sample Lab is coming to the iPad”

Sample Lab is coming to the iPad

Synthtopia posts on a new iPad app that turns your device into a sampling workstation. Features include:

  • Pinch-zoom precision sample editor lets you select your audio and drag it right onto a track.
  • 8 stereo tracks @ 44.1kHz with per-beat volume control.
  • Pitch-shifting preserves time and gives you 2 full octaves from one sample; without chipmunking.
  • Record your own samples, or import wav & mp3 files using iTunes.
  • Trigger pads for tapping-in patterns or stand-alone performance.
  • 4 real-time DSP FX: compressor, bit crusher, resonant cutoff, and phaser.
  • Shuffle control for syncopation.
  • Over 100 samples included to get you started.
  • Audio Copy & Paste to share with other apps.
  • Upload your mixdowns to SoundCloud to collaborate & share.
  • Import new samples using iTunes.

Good to see audio copy in there too. No ideas on price as yet, but as I know more I’ll post details.

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2 comments on “Spunk 0.13”

Spunk 0.13

An update video from the Strange Agency on the forthcoming Mac software.

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