What do you expect from Jasuto Studio?

There’s lots of stuff on the Jasuto forum about Jasuto Studio, but what do we expect from the latest incarnation of the excellent app?

What are you waiting for?

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  1. A in-depth manual. A more straightforward ui and workflow. I'm basically expecting it to be mind blowing and to sound amazing. I'm hoping it'll be dumbed down a little. Jasuto Pro is the most powerful app that I've come across but I don't always know where to go within the app to make the sound that's in my head.

  2. Brad, I agree it needs more documentation to harness the power!!

    I kinda gave up Jasuto after the “non” pro version lost copy/paste function. If it was a lite version I could understand, but I still paid good money for the app when it was released only to have features removed 🙁

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