Some thoughts on Korg’s iMS-20

I was playing with this app yesterday and really making a start on getting my head around it seriously for the first time.

My initial reaction to the interface was that it was really complex for an iPad app but as I’ve started tinkering around with it I’ve found it quite straightforward, at least so far anyway.

The app is described on the store as a ‘complete music production app for the iPad’. I don’t think I can really agree with that description. I don’t think that a mono synth and 6 drum synths is a complete music production app at all even though describing them as a ‘six part drum machine’ doesn’t come close to what you can do with them in any way.

Even so, there are many other apps that can better describe themselves in that way and I wouldn’t put the Korg iMS-20 in the same league as NanoStudio for example.

All of that aside I do like this app. I’m not sure I’ve quite got the patching sorted out, but that will come. The iMS-20 is a great addition to the iOS music scene.

My biggest complaint is that there’s no audio copy/paste in this or in the iElectribe. I don’t understand why someone as big as Korg can’t add that to their requirements for an app. It seems so simple to, perhaps I’m missing something?

Anyway, I think that the app is worth the current $15.99 although I’d probably think twice before paying double that from the 31st of Jan next year.


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  1. Actually we only need audio copy and paste because Apple has failed so badly in giving us a usable file system. I would much rather have access to directories when saving or opening stuff. Just think, a proper folder of your recordings, folders of drum loops, sampled instruments, full MP3 tracks etc all accessible to every app. Now THAT is what I want.


  2. What I would really like to see on the iMS-20 (apart from Audio copy/paste of course- I agree with robman84 on that one, but I suppose there is always a price to be paid for security?), is the ability to play a loop back through the 'external' signal processor, and then resample the results. I don't know whether this feature is there or not at present, because I still haven't got an iPad!


  3. You can export audio now and of course record the headphone out.

    But who wants to have to hook up to their computer every time they want to use an app in a tune, then bring it back into the iPad.

    It's nuts I tell you..nuts.


  4. I know copy-paste would be nice, but the real MS-20 can't do that either 😛


    Its beautiful the way you put it 🙂

    I find it incredible that a computer company (or what used to be one) would release a pocket computer in 2010 without access to the filesystem. Apple seems to think their devices are more akin go a GPS (which are locked pocket computers, usually running WinMo) than a true pocket computer. I really don't understand why they make so much efforts in making sure their users can't access basic functions on their devices.


  5. “I really don't understand why they make so much efforts in making sure their users can't access basic functions on their devices.”

    It's all to do with security. Apple don't want to make the same mistakes Microsoft made. Who wants a product that is going to allow access to your bank details?

    Not that I'm saying that they will (allow access), its mainly because your average joey consumer out there, well come on, let's face it, knows diddly squat about high-tech. Apple do this to please the Microsoft crowd, who are so very aware of viruses and the like.


  6. I don't mind hooking Korg up to my Computer, MPC or 3GS. I love to sample sounds. Its fun. iPad was meant to be a consumption device. I'm just thankful it can do this much.

    Any app without iAds or in App Purchases is a Good App to me.

    Korg is a Stand Alone company and I'm sure they don't want to deal with other peoples codes like Inutua and Line6.

    I don't blame them either.

    It will have midi when iOS 4.2 rolls out so I could care less.


  7. @Tom

    “It's all to do with security. Apple don't want to make the same mistakes Microsoft made.”

    What does Microsoft has to do here?? really?? In OSX you have access to all your files right?.. in Linux and Unix you have access to all your files too? (even if sometimes you need to Sudo). What about PalmOS or WinMo,.. yes you do have access to your files there too, and Microsoft has nothing to do with that.

    Would you say Apple learned to lock the filesystem from Microsoft because the filesystem is locked on the Xbox? I don't thing so.

    Apple could've locked access to some system folders, but no, they decided to lock the whole filesystem.

    “Who wants a product that is going to allow access to your bank details?”

    …well guess what, security experts says you shouldn't use any banking apps on IOS because they all contain serious security flaws.


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