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Formal’s top 10

This is pretty close to the top 10 on my iphone….. Eventhough I don’t think I have 10 appz even installed anymore.

In no particular order:

  1. Nanoloop (gotta dig those FM lofi sounds)
  2. Sunvox (still the most powerful music app on the idevices, love the modular setup for the synths)
  3. Flare Scratch (coming from a turntablist/scratching background this app is just pure fun. Love to import my own things to scratch. The time coded vinyl emulation is nice too cuz I can use with Virtual DJ on the PC)
  4. Voice Memo (I use this app to monitor my input signals for when I sample. * since nanostudio lacks this function)
  5. ThumbJam (great set of sounds and very easy to use/jam out on)
  6. DopplerPad (I love being able to make custom scales and play along with music I’ve already made on my hardware)
  7. BeatMaker (ugggg this app is a love hate relationship. It’s been on my idevice nearly 3 years now… but I’m using it less and less. Did I mention how I hate intua’s stance on treating customers and their community?) Kinda-sorta looking forward to BM2, but I doubt I’ll support Intua.
  8. Nanostudio (not much to say about this one that hasn’t been said already. It’s my favorite app and my workhorse. I find myself making multiple tracks everyday with this. For a while it was my only installed app when I got my new itouch)
  9. Jasuto (got this app back in the day from a free promo code. Didn’t use it for a year, but when I did I was amazed at the crazy sounds that was being produced! Love this app just for sampling into my hardware)
  10. Multitrack DAW (not much to say here either. Copy/Paste support and 8 tracks. It compliments nanostudio well.)

Last but not least I gotta give credit to two more appz that help my musical endeavors.

1. Safari Download manager (this allows me to download files on my idevice)

2. iFile (this allows me to cut,copy,paste files to and from any directory on my idevice. It also unzips and unrars!)


If you’d like to get your top 10 on palm sounds then just email me at the usual address.

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5 comments on “BM2 will be available for Christmas”

BM2 will be available for Christmas

According to their forum we can expect BM2 before Christmas. That’d be nice!

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12 comments on “Some thoughts on Korg’s iMS-20”

Some thoughts on Korg’s iMS-20

I was playing with this app yesterday and really making a start on getting my head around it seriously for the first time.

My initial reaction to the interface was that it was really complex for an iPad app but as I’ve started tinkering around with it I’ve found it quite straightforward, at least so far anyway.

The app is described on the store as a ‘complete music production app for the iPad’. I don’t think I can really agree with that description. I don’t think that a mono synth and 6 drum synths is a complete music production app at all even though describing them as a ‘six part drum machine’ doesn’t come close to what you can do with them in any way.

Even so, there are many other apps that can better describe themselves in that way and I wouldn’t put the Korg iMS-20 in the same league as NanoStudio for example.

All of that aside I do like this app. I’m not sure I’ve quite got the patching sorted out, but that will come. The iMS-20 is a great addition to the iOS music scene.

My biggest complaint is that there’s no audio copy/paste in this or in the iElectribe. I don’t understand why someone as big as Korg can’t add that to their requirements for an app. It seems so simple to, perhaps I’m missing something?

Anyway, I think that the app is worth the current $15.99 although I’d probably think twice before paying double that from the 31st of Jan next year.


iPads at the Apple Store

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14 comments on “What are you wishing for this Christmas?”

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

I found myself starting to think about Christmas already. I suppose it isn’t too far away now though and I was wondering what I was looking forward to this Christmas. To be honest, I’m not sure what I want this year, so I thought I’d ask you what you’re wishing for?

At least, what you’re wishing for in terms of mobile music anyway.

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0 comments on “CDM on Making Music with older mobile phones”

CDM on Making Music with older mobile phones

I think I’ve mentioned a lot of these older links in the post, but it is good to revisit them as CDM does in this post.

If you’ve got older hardware that you want to make noise with then this is a good place to start.

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5 comments on “Inside Out: Delia Derbyshire”

Inside Out: Delia Derbyshire

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0 comments on “Groovemaker apps on sale”

Groovemaker apps on sale

At least 3 of the Groovemaker apps are on sale today, Techno, Electro and Trance.

IK Multimedia

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5 comments on “What do you expect from Jasuto Studio?”

What do you expect from Jasuto Studio?

There’s lots of stuff on the Jasuto forum about Jasuto Studio, but what do we expect from the latest incarnation of the excellent app?

What are you waiting for?

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2 comments on “Pigeon and Park Annoyer Mark II”

Pigeon and Park Annoyer Mark II

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0 comments on “NanoComp … in as yet?”

NanoComp … in as yet?

I’ve probably given you enough reminders for a while, so this will be the last one for at least a few days.

Get your tracks into the competition here.

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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