Monle update

Another Monle update with a couple of good new features:

  • Access audio in your iTunes library.
  • Work with much longer audio files.

Monle - Ochen K. Clip to Evernote


  1. I'm glad you posted this. I was one of the lucky ones to catch this app for free thanks to Palm Sounds but I haven't been able to update it on my iPad since the last update a week back. When I try to access the page in the app store, monle doesn't exist. Not sure if it's just me and my iPad but it must still be there if you've posted this.


  2. Ya makes me wish they woulda kept the monle free version up a little longer than a few hours. As soon as I saw the post on PS it was already taken down. The same goes for many of the people here. Brad, I guess you were a lucky one 🙂


  3. Having picked this up awhile back, but underwhelmed by the update cycle of this I hope they start making new updates to include badly needed missing features.

    As is, this is pretty good for me to start making music podcasts on the go using my iPod's library.

    @ Work during lunch
    Pick a dozen tracks from my iPod
    Import into Monle
    Arrange/crossfade tracks
    Record some commentary in the space between tracks
    Render to a single file

    @ Home after work
    Export to PC
    Encode to MP3


  4. Much prefer DAW Multitrack for sticking podcast/mixtapes together. Combined with ipod import & copying from Audioforge (DAW's iPod import takes painfully long to load when you've 40 GB's of music in your music app) I find DAW's snap to the beat functionality to be excellent for welding/layering tracks (of the same BPM) together. Monle, whilst good “looking” is hopelessly primitive in comparison functionalities wise. DAW's a must have app ; Monle isn't.


  5. To make matters worse, the 4.2.1 iOS update has broken the audio copy/audio paste functionality in this app, and when you opt to use the Intua pasteboard you are directed to the iPod Import screen !?!?! Which also doesn't work. And I was so growing to like using this app, shame.


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