Exclusive Look at djay for iPad

DJay being ported over the iPad according to this post at MacRumors.

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. In the report I read the writer seemed to imply that djay could access more than one audio file at a time from itunes and implyed that this was new and that there might be more interesting audio features in the update.


  2. Does this app have an audio-cue facitility (ie you could listen to both tracks while the main audio out is still just one track)? The quick mix efforts shown are OK in short bursts, but for this to work, you really are relying on the bpm of your tracks being right, the cue point (ie starting beat) of the track to be correct and confident in your finger movements on the device. I know Sonorasaurus and Cue.Play.Dj both have different approaches to solving the single audio out on the apple devices…I think one can allow the audio to be split (main output is on right channel and cue audio is on left) – but that means your audience is listening in mono (not great). The other I think can send the main audio wirelessly (bit risky in basement, concrete clubs I would imagine) and the device audio is for cue/headphones. If only they could work out a way to send audio via the socket at the bottom of the device, then the problem would be solved.


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