The latest version of NanoStudio has arrived in the app store and includes support for Akai’s SynthStation25 keyboard! If that wasn’t enough in itself there’s a bunch of other enhancements in the update too.

This is going to make the SS25 really useful now.

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

Akai SynthStation at DolphinMusic in the UK
Akai SynthStation25 at Musician’s Friend
Akai SynthStation25 at Music123


  1. Don't have an Akai BUT the implementation
    of song and or metronome monitoring while
    recording samples is so damn great!!!

    All other sampling/recording app devs
    Take note, this is perfect!

    Now if only there were audio track recording
    I would just do continuous backflips(while recording)
    That is

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