miniSynth Pro 1.4 brings USB

MiniSynth PRO wedded with MIDI. All sounds in this video have been recorded using USB MIDI support in MiniSynth PRO, as well as some sequencing help from its sister app, MiniDrum PRO. Note that this feature will be available in version 1.4 for users of iOS 4.2 or beyond. For parties interested, the keyboard in use is an M-Audio Oxygen 49, hooked up to the iPad via the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

miniSynth PRO - Yonac

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  1. Excellent development and expected from myriad of others, but the problem with miniSynth is that it sounds like crap… sorry 🙁

  2. That's pretty harsh, but maybe you're right. Though you have to admit that the lighting, editing, and directing in this video is right up there with Avatar or, perhaps, Planet of the Apes.

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