Will platform proliferation drive development back to web apps?

I find it interesting to think that there may come a time when moving applications to the cloud might be a better option than native development, but if you read these comments it starts to make a bit of sense.

It is fair to say that for music software iOS has all the attention for now, but others could rise quickly. Android has some music apps but is behind iOS, and then there’s RIM’s QNX tablet that has a lot of promise.

So what will developers do with so many OS optins? Could it be a thin front end app and a lot of activity in the cloud? That is possible in my view.

Take a look a uLoops for Android which isn’t too far off that model already.

Perhaps it won’t be quite this way for music apps, but I can see other categories moving into the web app space to take advantage of other platforms without the cost and complication of supporting multiple platforms.

What do you think?

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  1. If apps can be easily compiled for other OSes its not going to be a problem. There are many cross-system frameworks devs can use. If videogames can be ported from one console to another there's no reasons simpler apps wouldn't work (and you don't hear game devs complaining that there's too many consoles to program for).

    Its going to be a problem if some people or companies makes it hard for devs to port their apps to other systems.


  2. If there is significant money in it I am sure there will be development for any OS that developers think will make a profet for them.

    Some developers I know think that Android users will not pay for apps and that the store is badly implimented. iOS users will pay for well made apps so that may be the difference.

    I hope there is some development towards Web applications I have been doing some testing of the Ohm Boys on line music production system and it seems pretty amazing.


  3. Imho: Cloud computing for music applications is an absolute NO GO! The slightest error/network problem and i cannot use my synth/sequencer app when want/NEED to? Nope. Thanks.


  4. @dcp It's no different to your DAW crashing and frankly the massive advantages outweigh the possible negatives.

    Also you can run apps in a browser that do not require a constant connection so its likely that your work would not be entirely lost anyway.


  5. @Ed:

    1st: My DAW doesn't crash. I know what i'm doing so none of my machines crashed, even after 7 years or more of use.

    2nd: I don't take a DAW on stage. I'm not stupid.

    3rd: If i'm restricted to some crappy apps that run in a browser i'm restricted in what apps i can use to make music. No thanks.

    4th: If that crappy web app doesn't need constant connection what's the buzz with web apps about at all? It would be better to rely on REAL apps then.


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