Playing with Jasuto on the iPad

Since the last update to Jasuto bringing iPad compatibility I’ve been totally taken with Jasuto all over again.

Of course Jasuto is a great app, but giving it the extra screen space made it so much better and so much more useful. I’ve been loving using on my iPad and have found myself using it way more than before.

It was interesting to see the comments when the iMS-20 launched saying that apps like Jasuto were much more about the way forward for mobile music. I think that there are lots of different futures for mobile music, but apps like Jasuto, and Jasuto in particular has a very bright one.

I look forward to more awesomeness coming from Jasuto as time goes on. It just gets better and better.

Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer - Chris Wolfe

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  1. As a past owner of an original MS-20, I can happily say that the iMS-20 is not a patch on what Jasuto is and can (and will) do. The iMS-20 on an iPad, no matter how 'cool' it looks, is a closed system, and the MS-20 very much needed extra auxiliary items such as a multiple patchbays to get the best out of it- not to mention the excellent and highly underrated external signal processor- none of either can really be harnessed by the iMS-20 on an iPad. However Jasuto can do all this and tonnes more. And one more thing, Chris Hemicube, unlike Korg, is a human being and not a giant rubber enforced corporation encased in steel enforced concrete (well my experience of large corporations' help desks!).

    I'm very confident that Jasuto Studio will simply blow us, and the 'competition', away. BOOM! 8)

  2. Much as I love Jasuto and Reactable, I'd really like to see more “classic-minded/process” modular synthesis on the pad. There's something gratifying about emulating old-style knobs, patch cables, modules, etc. instead of working with amorphous blobs and shapes of color and light. I'd really love to see something like the Nord Modular software on it –

    There's room for both.

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