Korg iMS20 – Minimal Session by modul8tor

Via Moonbuz.


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  1. … it seems to make less sense w/ a music app to use a stylus; multi-touch is so much more important w/ music apps.

  2. @Korg ds-10 music

    Because the ipad requires an electric charge to run through your body, so it requires a special stylus for the ipad.. or as some japanese people used : a sausage (for real 😀 )

    Its for the same reason you can't use it with gloves.

  3. You can make a working stylus using a metal rod (or better still a pen or pencil with a metal shaft) simply by attaching a conducting rubber or foam tip. The anti-static foam that you get when you buy a microchip works fine – just superglue it to the end of your shaft (Matron! *said in a Kenneth Williams voice*) and you are good to go!

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