Dell Opus One to replace the Streak?

Brighthand writes about a possible follow up device from Dell to replace the Streak called the Opus One, but I’m not sure that the tablet phone format really works. Clip to Evernote


  1. I got to try a Dell Streak yesterday. It's OK. The screen is surprisingly big.

    But I like the 7″ size of the Galaxy Tab much more. The 16:9 ratio 7″ tablet format is excellent.

    The jury is still out on the integrated phones in these smaller tablets. I suspect there's no one answer to this.

    Some people don't make a lot of cellphone calls. But almost everyone needs to have a cellphone for emergencies like running out of milk.

    Devices like the Streak and the Galaxy Tab are very mobile. (Much more so than the iPad.) It seems a bit redundant for some users to carry a phone if they are already carrying a 3G-capable device like a Streak or a Galaxy Tab. (The US version of the Galaxy Tab doesn't offer the phone feature. I suspect they did that to avoid confusion, and to avoid the accusations of how “dorky” you would look holding it up to your head.)


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