Using studio.HD and Looptastic HD together

Yesterday I posted a video on using studio.hd and Looptastic HD together. I almost didn’t believe that these two apps would work together so seamlessly. So I gave it a go, and really couldn’t believe it at all.

In the video you create a mix in Looptastic HD and then export to studio.hd. In real life it is just that simple.

So why am I so impressed? Good question. I think it represents a continued joined up approach to music making on iOS devices. You can bring your own loops in to Looptastic HD either via iTunes or via audio copy, and create a mix complete with effects and then move it straight into studio.hd to continue to work on it there.

Of course, on it’s own studio.hd is a great iPad app too, and you can audio copy into that too.

These two apps working together are excellent and give you a great workflow that can start with any app that uses audio paste.

I’m impressed.

Looptastic HD at the app store:
Looptastic HD - Sound Trends LLC

studio.HD at the app store:
studio.HD - Sound Trends LLC Clip to Evernote


  1. I agree very impressive
    But wouldn't it be nice to take loops
    From studio.hd any paste the into
    Looptastic for further live performance?
    Whatdya say?

    Every app-copy AND paste for all!


  2. It is impressive, and sad at the same time because its the kind of thing that should've been normal from the beginning (apps being able to host or talk directly to other apps). If the ipad had been given a true computing environment (like if they would've put OSX on that thing) it would've been so great, maybe that will happen someday.

    I'd like all audio apps to be able to do that.


  3. Johnnyg0 I know what you mean. I think I get too into the mind set of innovation on iOS without comparing what you could do with an open file system.

    Thanks for making me think


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