Playbook to be priced under $500

Still don’t know too much about the OS powering the new Playbook tablet from Blackberry but lots of people have said the QNX could be amazing for music software, and so it is great news that the device is going to be priced very reasonably according to MacRumors. Clip to Evernote


  1. @Anonymous

    Do you think a 3.5 inches screen is too small too? Do you like using your pocket mobile device?

  2. @GPSchnyder

    I also thought the 10 inch ipad was small at first (I've owned a 15inch tablet for many many many years now), I think 7in is a good tradeoff between mobility and size. I can put it in my pockets, and the screen is bigger than my mobile computer for videos and games.

    I think its nice that we can choose the size that we want.

  3. My initial impression is that 7″ is a very usable size. It's a different beast from the iPad. 7″ is much lighter, much more mobile, but a hell of a lot larger than the 3.5″ of most smartphones.

    Apple, of course, says 7″ is completely unusable. But they have to deny these devices a beachhead at all costs.

    Put away to notion of an “iPad killer.” The Android phenomenon has shown us that's not the important measure. (This isn't winner-take-all.) The important issue is whether there's demand for touch tablet devices that offer different features and form factors from the iPad.

  4. Well, yeah. I'd use the Tablet, Android, iOS or whatever to surf the Internet mainly, and there no 7″ Tablet to date was up to the Task. May depend on the thing you use it for, but for me it would be a “Surf on the Couch while watching TV” Kind of Thing.

    Main Problem with 7″ Tablets will be the Resolution. I need to be able to see the whole Website. Even if I can choose what to view zoomed in I need to see the Whole thing. Saying that I never tested Opera on these 7″ Tablets…

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