Pixelh8’s Sonus Six arrives

Another app from Pixelh8 arrives:

Sonus (Six) is a digital referee for 12-note serial composition. Users simply tap on a block releasing the sound contained within it, once released the block extinguishes itself. This continues until as per the rules of 12-note composition, all twelve
boxes have been utilised and they are free to return to play.

The software in part inspired by the work of Arnold Schoenberg, with “Sonus (Six)” adding the dimesion the uknown note contained in the box. Not only allowing for each note to be of equal importance but allowing the performer no preference of known order.

“Sonus (Six)” is part of a collection of digital instruments designed and programmed by Pixelh8. The instruments are a culmination of three years of Masters Degree research in to alternative musical instruments and notation systems.

SONUS (SIX) - Room 1 Studios

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  1. This screenshot looks almost exactly like Sonus One, I guess in action its a little different… anyway its all about the sound! 🙂

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