CDM on MeeBlip

I thought I’d post this because it is more or less hand held and it also looks like a lot of fun to play with and not hugely expensive. Also it comes from James Grahame from Retro Thing, which is a great site. More over at CDM. Clip to Evernote


  1. Actually yhe Meeblip looks interesting, small, cheap, open source and with plenty of controls on the small case. On the other hand its features seem to be quite limited and it sounds more like something the chiptunes lovers will like, but not the rest.
    Maybe it's just a matter of working things out on the firmware, maybe its a design and target choice… but I must say that other devices (like the Shruthi-1) in this field seem to offer more features and sound quality for just a bit more money.
    Still… if I hadn't spent il all already, I would get me one… but I think I'll wait…


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