A really big new version of Mixtikl with lots of new stuff and a great clean UI. Can’t wait to take a look at this! (Major Update):

  • New in-app store for ad-on content and power features (e.g. Audio Loop Collections 1-3, and ZipCopy)
  • 99c in-app store item “Loop Essentials” includes 2 audio loop Tiklpaks as well as Try it Before You Buy it (TBYB) versions of all the other audio loop Tiklpaks
  • 3 TBYB Generative Tiklpaks (GenDrums 1 & 2, GenElements 1) are included and can be unlocked via the store
  • Document sharing via iTunes so that recordings can easily be transferred off device and audio loops transferred in to the User Content pak folder
  • Audio recordings may now be copied to the clipboard (Apple general pasteboard) so they can be copied into other apps
  • New Mixtikl and Partikl file formats (Mixtikl files are reduced to around 10% of the old file format size) improves the tweeting of “mixtikls” as more mix information can be included, such as custom sound effects
  • Improved, much cleaner UI
  • Revised and simplified Import/Export menus
  • Content dialog now displays the content’s pak name
  • Improved slider behaviour
  • Fixed some rotation-related bugs
  • Fixed occasional system hang-ups and crashes
  • Improved response in the main menus
  • Zip transfer to iDevice is now an in-app purchase feature (ZipCopy) for power users
  • Support for the new Noatikl file format.
  • Visual identification of Noatikl-based generative mix content (black) and indication that it is looping
  • Visual identification of “TBYB” content

NOTE: We are aware Mic recording is not working in this release. A fix is coming.

Mixtikl Generative Music System & 12 Track Audio MIDI Loop Mixer with Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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  1. Now this time they did it. Let's assume you haven't bought all their non-free libraries. Then try to open an randomized project. And the press play. You'll be surprised by the fact, that after a minute or so your playback will STOP and you'll be shown a NAG SCREEN which tells you, you were using some content from a library you haven't bought yet! And it doesn't tell you which part or track or sample or loop it is!!! Now THTAT'S what i call impertinent, an nag screen in an app i paid for!!!

  2. Wow, now they're getting me upset!!! Their feedback form leads to a blank page without any notice if your message made it through or not! Now this is customer care as we all like it!

  3. Hi dcp!

    We don't work in a vacuum, and totally take your point on board. Safe to see we simply hadn't realised that was an issue!

    I think the next update will include an option to include (or not) unlocked paks in randomised mixes.

    Otherwise, I hope you like the update – it was a lot of work!

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi again!

    I'm pleased to report that Tim and I have already started work on fixing this issue!

    The solution is actually pretty easy; we're going to allow users to specify exactly which Tiklpaks are included in a random mix. We'd been planning on doing that anyway in the near future, but we're now going to make that our top priority.

    I should hope that the update will be in the App store in a couple of weeks.

    If anything, I guess this shows just how hard it is to get products *exactly* right in a complex product like Mixtikl. The only way to do that is to listen to customers, and keep tweaking until it everybody is happy. ūüôā

    Thanks again for your feedback!

    Tim is still trying to figure-out what went wrong with the contact page; if you ever have any problems, please feel free to make a post to the forums on the Intermorphic site.

    Best wishes,


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