New Mixtikl brings content and new look UI

A really big new version of Mixtikl with lots of new stuff and a great clean UI. Can’t wait to take a look at this! (Major Update):

  • New in-app store for ad-on content and power features (e.g. Audio Loop Collections 1-3, and ZipCopy)
  • 99c in-app store item “Loop Essentials” includes 2 audio loop Tiklpaks as well as Try it Before You Buy it (TBYB) versions of all the other audio loop Tiklpaks
  • 3 TBYB Generative Tiklpaks (GenDrums 1 & 2, GenElements 1) are included and can be unlocked via the store
  • Document sharing via iTunes so that recordings can easily be transferred off device and audio loops transferred in to the User Content pak folder
  • Audio recordings may now be copied to the clipboard (Apple general pasteboard) so they can be copied into other apps
  • New Mixtikl and Partikl file formats (Mixtikl files are reduced to around 10% of the old file format size) improves the tweeting of “mixtikls” as more mix information can be included, such as custom sound effects
  • Improved, much cleaner UI
  • Revised and simplified Import/Export menus
  • Content dialog now displays the content’s pak name
  • Improved slider behaviour
  • Fixed some rotation-related bugs
  • Fixed occasional system hang-ups and crashes
  • Improved response in the main menus
  • Zip transfer to iDevice is now an in-app purchase feature (ZipCopy) for power users
  • Support for the new Noatikl file format.
  • Visual identification of Noatikl-based generative mix content (black) and indication that it is looping
  • Visual identification of “TBYB” content

NOTE: We are aware Mic recording is not working in this release. A fix is coming.

Mixtikl Generative Music System & 12 Track Audio MIDI Loop Mixer with Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd. Clip to Evernote


  1. Now this time they did it. Let's assume you haven't bought all their non-free libraries. Then try to open an randomized project. And the press play. You'll be surprised by the fact, that after a minute or so your playback will STOP and you'll be shown a NAG SCREEN which tells you, you were using some content from a library you haven't bought yet! And it doesn't tell you which part or track or sample or loop it is!!! Now THTAT'S what i call impertinent, an nag screen in an app i paid for!!!

  2. Wow, now they're getting me upset!!! Their feedback form leads to a blank page without any notice if your message made it through or not! Now this is customer care as we all like it!

  3. Hi dcp!

    We don't work in a vacuum, and totally take your point on board. Safe to see we simply hadn't realised that was an issue!

    I think the next update will include an option to include (or not) unlocked paks in randomised mixes.

    Otherwise, I hope you like the update – it was a lot of work!

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi again!

    I'm pleased to report that Tim and I have already started work on fixing this issue!

    The solution is actually pretty easy; we're going to allow users to specify exactly which Tiklpaks are included in a random mix. We'd been planning on doing that anyway in the near future, but we're now going to make that our top priority.

    I should hope that the update will be in the App store in a couple of weeks.

    If anything, I guess this shows just how hard it is to get products *exactly* right in a complex product like Mixtikl. The only way to do that is to listen to customers, and keep tweaking until it everybody is happy. 🙂

    Thanks again for your feedback!

    Tim is still trying to figure-out what went wrong with the contact page; if you ever have any problems, please feel free to make a post to the forums on the Intermorphic site.

    Best wishes,


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