Korg Bringin MS20 to the iPad?

I’ve seen this at a couple of sites, ProMusicApps and Moonbuz, but I can’t find it at Korg’s site.

I really hope it is true. Here’s the information I’ve got from the two sites listed above:

  • A complete recreation of the legendary Korg MS-20 analog synth
  • Built-in 16-step analog sequencer to control the sound
  • Music production studio with the MS-20 mono synth, a six-part drum machine, and a mixer
  • Kaoss Pad function allows intuitive performance and control
  • Publish and share your iMS-20 songs online with the SoundCloud music distribution site
  • By combining a recreation of the Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer, an analog step-style sequencer, six-part drum machine, Kaoss-style performance, and a mixer to control it all, the iMS-20 will “transform your iPad into one way-cool sound studio for the modern musician – and the analog enthusiast as well!

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  1. Cute. Makes me think of Korg DS10 on the DS (which I finally managed to buy whilst on holiday!)

    Hope it's a good app. It's a bit niche, given the mega powerful synths like Nlog, but I'd love it at a reasonable price.

  2. No Audio copy/paste (or did I miss it)? I can't say how much annoying it is to still have great apps released without this ESSENTIAL feature. I don't have an Ipad anyway… Damit.

  3. iPad only…. There is roughly 10million ipads sold compared to 100million + iDevices. Why make a product catered to 1/10 of the target audience? Not everybody has $500 to spend on another apple gadget while already paying $80/mo just to keep their current one active. The iPad is nice and all, but I really dislike seeing appz made for one device or the other. At this price point I can't see myself buying one over other music gear or a more powerful computer.

  4. @formal -,the iPad is the flagship ios device, and it's time developers started treating it that way! I'm so sick of great apps being phone-focused and either blown up or jest reskinned for the pad without really taking advantage of its power and size.

  5. @ dick, that's cool. I guess you're proud to be the minority and it's this attitude that's exactly what I'm talking about. EVERY ipad owner expects a special version of the app while the people who fork out monthly payments have to settle for what's given. Why can't we request an iphone/ipod version too?

    If you think the ipad is the flagship device try comparing an unsubsidized version of the iphone to the ipad… Who pays more? The unsubsidized iPhone 4 16GB model costs $599, the unsubsidized iPhone 4 32GB costs $699.

  6. The thing is, the iPad is significantly more powerful and physically larger than the phone – therefore, it should be developed for and really leveraged/exploited instead of just getting “bigger” versions of apps that run on the phone. Complaining about Pad-exclusive apps is like complaining that the OSX version of an app isn't “universal” between OSX and iOS. Frankly, I'm against “Universal” apps because they have to serve the lowest common denominator between the pad and the comparatively underpowered phone – you end up with the bulk of iPad apps not really making the best use of what the Pad has to offer, which is much more screen real estate and much more processing power.

    The reality is that very few of the music apps out there in particular are really making the best use of what the Pad offers, and more should. It's the superior of the two devices, so it's great to see developers recognize that and really push it to its limits instead of being constrained by the phone market and its underpowered, undersized device.

  7. From what the systems specs tell me, the iphone 4 is the more powerful device.

    Same CPU, but more RAM.

    I'm also not sure it's fair to throw in the older iDevices into this category since Apple has officially stopped supporting some of them as well.

    And comparing OSX to iOS is a horrible idea. BUT IF you want to get technical OSX Lion will share similar iOS feature too. (full screen appz, an app store and multitouch functions with the new apple mouse pad)

    Just wait for another couple iPad revisions and you'll all be wishing that there was some iOS standard when it comes to appz. Once the new iPad runs appz your old iPad can't everybody will be crying. It's the same old song and dance.

    I do see all of your points and that's why my post says there should be versions for BOTH devices. Alienating 90% of a viable market is a bad business move on both ends.

  8. Why the hell would u want to use ielectribe or MS20 on a tiny ass iPhone anyway. Unless u had infant sized hands it would just seem like a terrible experience. I have an iPad and a touch and the universal apps on the touch get no love. I'm sure I'll be upgrading my iPad when the specs become super powerful anyway. It seems to be more of a logical decision to keep some apps iPad specific, especially when they involve moving around faux wires or tapping buttons that are already small on the iPad. Don't forget that an iPhone is already a phone, voice chat, camcorder, album collection player, etc. Can't their be a cutoff point?
    The only music app that I'll probably use on the touch as well is filtatron.

  9. Why the hell would anybody want to use the DS10 on a nintendo system??
    Or the MS10 for that matter since it's even more complex. Or PSPseq… (the list goes on)

    Does your iPad fit in your pocket?

    There's a good reason to develop for both iphone and ipad. And who says that they need to be the same app just scaled? Certainly a large company like Korg could very well release 2 versions. Remember the name of this site is PALM SOUNDS… Mobile music making devices….

    I'll just go back to using nanostudio on my small “crappy” iphone since it's impossible to make a music app work for that platform. /sarcasm

  10. Formal, I mean no harm, promise. I've never tried ds-10 so can't speak on it but i think those devices come with a stylus from what i've seen on this site. That would help with some of the tiny stuff on screen I think. Hell, u should be mad about that app not being available on your phone too, right? I LOVE nanostudio, but the first time I used it was on the ipad. I didn't even download it on the touch for a couple of months and have only opened it a couple of times. It's just too small on there. Now it is f-ing amazing that that app was designed to be used on a phone. No argument there. But, it's already weird enough playing “keys” on a flat glass surface but trying to do that on the tiny iphone screen would be impossible for me and my big ass hands. True my ipad doesn't fit in my pocket, but my touch does. I used to keep my touch in my pocket all day everyday but I don't any more. I never got an iphone cuz i didn't want to fork over all that doe once a month when i could already text and kind of make calls from my ipod. I was actually a bit anti-ipad until i received one as a birthday gift. I even left it in its box for a week while i contemplated exchanging it for some monitors. But once I opened it, tried my old friend beatmaker on it, it was curtains. Jasuto pro on it, especially now that it's universal, gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

    Do we even know if this is for real cause korg's site doesn't mention it and it doesn't seem to have copy/paste which is a minimum requirement for me now. I love the ielectribe but it doesn't really get used cause it needs my computer just to access the files and then it's like, shit I might as well plug in the axiom and turn on the amp…

  11. AUDIOCOPY, just sending home what the others have said.

    not including audiocopy is a MAJOR oversight.

    as good as it is I certainly will not be buying it or any more apps that dont include some kind of audiocopy.

    do we really need to go backwards to standalone apps on such a great platform like iPad ?

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