Will ever see a plug in architecture in iOS?

I wonder if anything like that will come to iOS? Like Griff and Bhajis Loops. Wouldn’t it be great to see a real plug in host app come to iOS?

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  1. That would be awesome, but if that ever happens, who would it be coming from? If Apple doesn't do it themselves it would need to be somebody else, then how much time would it take before a clear standard has been chosen?

    I'm all about plugins, but I wouldn't want to see 10 different kind of plugins that works only with a single host.


  2. AU would be the natural choice. I'm sure as mobile processors get faster we will see plug-ins on an iOS type device. Probably will come in the form of some iOS optimized version of Garageband.

    The problem is that plug-ins are at times very intensive on a CPU. They are also much less regulated than the Apps you would find on an iOS program. Apple wants to be able to view and approve all code on their device. It would be difficult to do if a program supported AU and an unsigned plug-in gets loaded and crashes your device (happens all the time on PCs with some poorly written VSTs).

    The closest we will come in the next few years will be something like Nanostudio having in-app purchase “plug-ins” (really just unlocks) that Apple can approve. Doubt anything directly cross-compatible or user-installed will be around until iOS and OSX fully merge and there is enough weight by the professional media class of Mac users for Apple to finally buckle and let a bit more freedom on their mobile devices.


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