TouchOSC Promo Codes gone out now

Sorry it took a bit longer than normal but they have all gone out now. Clip to Evernote

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  1. I got one of the promo codes (THANKS!), got Touch OSC up & running w/my Ableton Live setup, and am still tweaking away.

    This app is phenomenal.

    While there are a few middleware open-source apps to install to get it working w/my PC, I dloaded & got them all going in ~ 30min's using Hexler's tutorial on their website. I also posted a 5-star review in AppStore.

    This is the first app where I've said, “Dang, I'd love an iPad to use this!” (Otherwise, I've no use for an iPad — I already have a laptop, desktop, & iPhone.)

    Most apps I've played with are merely toys/novelties (notable exceptions incl QuickOffice, DropBox, Evernote, FilerLite, AppShopper, Tap Forms, NetFlix, CraigsPro +, and a few others — PROPS to these apps!).

    Touch OSC app can influence my music creation & performance process with Ableton Live. It has a lot of potential for knob tweaking & customization, multitouch makes it better than mouse/kb combo, and wireless makes it nicer than my USB Evolution 16 or Midi keyboard.

    While I do think there could be a few additions, as it is today Touch OSC is a *great* app for musicians who are able to link to their DAW (or various music softwares).

    Music software co's should offer OSC communications by default! It's simply *better* than midi.

    Thanks again!

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