Pascal Finette says multiple app stores is good. I’m not so sure

Whilst I understand the arguments and his ideas I also remember when you had Palm OS stores like Palmgear, Handango and others. They weren’t so good for developers and they too about 40% of revenue and you couldn’t be sure that all apps would be available from all stores so you had to check lots of stores to find apps.

Read Pascal’s post here. What do you think? Clip to Evernote


  1. There are at this very moment 2 app stores for IOS : Apple's App Store, and Cydia. One store doesn't want to carry some kind of software, the other does. Having many app store is good.


  2. Having multiple app stores is terrific, and a hassle. For me the hassle of “discovering” apps would take too much too much of my time and energy, so I prefer one store.


  3. @Erik

    I find it has become a hassle to try to discover app in the Apple's App Store, its badly categorized and its gotten saturated with time. If it wasn't for websites like here I would miss out on a lot of great apps.

    Plus, if you want apps that let you do stuff like wireless synchronization with your iphone its only available in the Cydia store, Apple's store rejected it.


  4. I agree with Johnny. In many ways you already have that here. Palm Sounds has been the place to find the best and most interesting apps. You could make a nice living out of that too!


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