Android gaining ground with developers

I’ve heard stuff like this before, and whilst I can see it for general apps, for music apps I think it’ll be a different story. Having said that, if you check the post at AppleInsider it shows some interesting stats about the other mobile operating systems. Clip to Evernote


  1. There are getting to be too many platforms and too many app stores.

    Developers have to pick and choose. But some products have to run on as many platforms as possible. Arguably anyone in it for the long haul has to be on all the prevalent platforms.

    Will there be a shake out? Will platforms fail because they don't get enough developer interest? (e.g. RIM Playbook) Will developers move away from platform-specific app development and back toward webapps and Flash?

    Stay tuned…


  2. I just see things moving towards the way of cloud computing. Where you have one main computer that does all the number crunching and all your portable devices access the info/data without the overhead of running the actual application.

    Or I see mobile devices becoming powerful enough to do all the real work and being placed into terminals when you need a larger monitor or different input accessories.

    But yes… for now there is too many options and not enough push towards one standard. The meego stuff, the Web OS stuff, android, iOS, chrome, blackberry, WP7, etc etc….. Uggghh, don't even get me started on the mess that is android. I don't even wanna touch that with a 10 foot pole.

    And if you guys say but “so many people have android devices” well look at the options out there. They are literally forcing them down our throats. Nearly every phone commercial is for android (buy one get one free, SUPER HD screen, 4g) endless sales pitches. All they're doing is fighting against themselves and making people think one android device is superior to the other when every 3 weeks the “new best” android device comes out.

    The only thing I might be holding out for is an Android 3.0 tablet since Apple won't get off it's ass and make a 5-7 inch tablet. But judging from the amount of craptacular android tablets I'm not holding my breath either way. (galaxy tab is the exception)But totally not worth the asking price.

    /end rant…. sorry guys


  3. Do you guys also think there is too much different videogames platform and store who sells games?

    It might look like a weird comparison, but I think this is where computing is heading. We'd all like standards, but there won't be a standard unless companies works together to create said standard instead of trying to make their product the standard. As long as they have good market shares, they can always keep working alone. I don't think we'll ever see Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft working together to create one single videogame station standard.


  4. The problem with the video game and console analogy is that a large aspect of mobile applications is connectivity and interoperability. That's not the same as video games each of which is usually fine to exist in their own world. Sure video games have network matchups (e.g. XBox-to-XBox) and many are gaining social network functions like achievements. In contrast in many of the mobile app domains there is a much more pressing need to be able to sync and move data between heterogeneous devices and apps. e.g. smartphone to desktop to perhaps other devices (HDTV, tablet, etc.).


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