5 Apps I’d love to work with the SynthStation 25

Now that Akai’s SynthStation25 has arrived at last and their app works with it we can get into a new debate about which apps we’d love to see integrate with the SynthStation hardware. So here’s my list so far:

  1. NanoStudio. A bit of a cheat really as it is moving in that direction anyway.
  2. Bleep!Box. I think that some live play would be great in Bleep!Box. I know it is a bit of a shift for this app, but why not?
  3. BS-16i – This app is just crying out for SS25 integration.
  4. Xewton Music Studio – Line 6 compatability is great in this app, but it would be really handy to have SS25 as well.
  5. ThumbJam – This one might sound odd, but I love the way you can use layered recordings in ThumJam and having a keyboard to work with would be amazing.
  6. Xenon – When this first came out I loved the record function, and it would be enhanced by using the SS25.

So what apps would you like to see in there?

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  1. I may be overly optimistic, but I'm hoping all the quality apps have CoreMIDI support by year's end. I already have 11 midi controllers, so I'd like to skip the SS25 if possible. I do think it's a cool device, but I'm hoping a camera kit and my tiny E-MU MIDI interface will sort this all out for me. Hopefully we will see developer's support the Akai standard, MIDI Mobilizer, iConnect and also the the iOS 4.2 standards. Hopefully the wide adoption of the different copy/paste formats is a sign developers will go out of their way to support multiple standards to ensure versatility for their users.

  2. For someone that doesn't have a midi controller, would you still recommend the SynthStation 25?

    I'm starting to get interested in getting something small to have fun “on the road”/easy to lug around to connect to my ipad. If I had a 3g iphone I would probably use something else but as it is, does it make sense?

  3. I personally struggle to see the benefits of the synthstation over any battery powered USB/midi controller but I'll have a go at some pros and cons:

    Works with iPhone (currently other midi devices need an interface like midi mobilizer and we don't know if the camera kit will be supported yet)

    Very small (may be a con to some)

    Similar money gets you a better keyboard with pedal inputs, sometimes velocity sensitive pads, knobs XY controllers and midi out ports (rock band 3 here I come)

    Unless it supports core midi the app support may be less strong than normal midi controllers.

    I'm going for the mnormal controller route now I know midi over USB works dandy wi the iPad. If it doesn't work for my iphone I may get a midi mobilizer at some point.

    Back to the apps wish list I have to say Pocket Organ almost tops my list, along with those mentioned by Ashley. Stacking two keyboards and pretending to be Jon Lord (minus the talent) is just too awesome for words.

  4. Got my SS25 yesterday, and it is ok-ish as a portable controller. The keys are tiny and there is no midi out jack, but it is well built. Won't be using this on my workstation, but it may come find some use with my wife's laptop. The actual Synthstation app feels very sluggish with SS25, mod wheel and pitch bend lag horribly. The app itself is responsive when played on touch screen, but with the keys it is quite bad. I have non-JB iPhone 3G with iOS 4.1 (with spotlight off and other speedup tricks enforced). So far I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm waiting for the Nanostudio update. Other apps I'd like to see working with SS25 include NLog, Ellatron, Argon/Xenon, iSequence and maybe even iSyn.

  5. I mentioned this in an earlier post but I'd love to see the following supported by the SS25 hardware:

    Xewton Music Studio

    NanoStudio (already in motion)

    Pocket Organ (I just realized how wrong that sounds all of a sudden)


    Ellatron (and I wish that Ellatron had a digital delay or reverb built in as well)

    Just about any other software synth app I could think of!

    I'm starting to really enjoy the SynthStation app too. I've stopped thinking of it as a music composition app and more as a super analog synth-type app that also happens to create musical patterns. I'm starting to come around on the device after my initial letdown.

    I'm still disappointed that it came with no cables or power supply other than batteries, and that the app was a separate purchase (and for me at full-price too). When all is said and done, you could easily spend an additional $40 to get a fully operational device if you want to use it to interface with your home PC.

    As a totally portable music-making device though, it's pretty darn cool.


  6. robman84, what keyboard do you recommend?

    I'm looking for a small keyboard with pads (from drums) and some rotary controllers. No need for high quality weighted action, already have a keyboard for that… keyword is light! needs to be light so I can carry it everywhere šŸ™‚

    axiom 25 looks like a good candidate but I don't think it's very light or portable…

  7. @Pierre: I think the SS25 takes power via usb when connected to computer, so it can be used without power adapter. I agree that at least a usb cable should be included (fortunately it is a standard mini-usb that are quite common nowadays – I use one from my Korg Nanopad).

    @Bruno: a usable portable but a bit messy set could consist of Akai LPK25 (or SS25) for keys, Korg Nanopad for pads and Korg Nanokontrol for knobs (skip the Nanokeys, they are horrible). I also remember seeing some new models from both Korg and Akai which combine all features in small package.

  8. @Bruno: I've looked at the Axiom 25 too, but I don't think it is battery powered. An option (I think) would be to get a USB splitter cable like you get with some external hard disks that normally lets you use two USB ports to provide extra power. Then you could attach a Duracell Portable Power thing (forgot the name) to one USB port. Another option (if they exist) might be a portable battery powered USB hub.

    Other keyboards on my list include the Novation range, as these mostly seem to be battery powered and many have velocity sensitive pads too. Nocturn 25 looks awesome!

  9. You might try looking into Akai's new Mini MPK25! It's like they combined the lpk25 and lpd8 controllers into one. I have a lpk25 and the keys are good, not great but good and velocity sensitive!

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